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Houston never sounded so good.

Durham Audio Services is here for whatever you need.


We want bands to sound incredible, wedding ceremonies to actually be heard, celebrations to be unforgettable, and messages to be clearly understood with the highest grade sound equipment, and for all of that to be easily accessible, hassle-free, and affordable to everyone.

Professional sound without being a professional.



$35 / Weekend

Having a house party of 100 people or so? This is perfect. 

We have your PA system, mixer, and a microphone. Rent this and be the most fun person on the block. 

DJ System

$66 / Weekend

Two PA speakers. Subwoofer. Cables. Microphone. Rent this. Sound great. Boom.

Large Venue Live Band

$118 / Weekend

Nope, that's not a typo on the price. Two professional PA speakers, three on-stage monitors, three microphones, and a mixer so your band can rock the night away for less than $150. 


Reach out anytime about anything! We will get back to you as soon as physics will allow.

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About us:

We are Houston's live audio professionals. We offer the best in sound, service, and price. We strive to be the best representation of Houston as possible and make you sound awesome.

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